Thursday, January 3, 2013

Intro-se-duction to The Wetmakers

Paul and Susan Wetmaker look like your average couple but when the doors close their kinky desires and sexual deviant nature is released.   Finding their friends Dr. James and his nurse wife Michelle at local swingers club was just the perfect way to act out one of their favorite fantasies!  Susan shaved her pussy carefully and slowly pulled up her stockings with her nails painted a classic red.  She and Paul hopped in the car and drove over to Dr. James’ office and went inside.  “Great to see you Mr. and Mrs. Wetmaker”.   Michelle said greeting them with a smile while holding her clipboard.  “Come on back and I’ll get you ready for the doctor”.  She said as she held the door open.

Michelle was a gorgeous, skinny, black-haired woman and neither Michelle nor Paul could take their eyes off of her as she led them back to exam room three.  “Paul, please take off your clothes and wait for me on the table”. “Susan, we need to collect a urine sample for the doctor”. Nurse Michelle said as she motioned for Susan to follow her to the restroom.    Michelle and Susan went into the restroom and Susan pulled up her skirt to reveal her bare pussy while Michelle snapped on a pair of latex gloves and opened a specimen cup.  She walked up over to Susan who was straddling the toilet and reached down rubbing Susan’s pussy.  “Start peeing now please”. Michelle said as she knelt in front of Susan and held the empty specimen cup between Susan’s legs catching the urine as it poured out of her.  “Thank you”! Michelle said as she leaned forward sticking out her tongue and licking Susan’s Vagina. “Now let’s go take care of Paul”.

They headed back to the exam room where Paul, looking hot and muscular, was waiting naked on all fours on the exam table.  Michelle stood in her sexy nurse’s uniform and began to massage Paul to get him relaxed.  Dr. James came in and said Hello as he put on his latex gloves.  “Are we ready for the patient’s milking”? He asked as he smiled at Susan seated in the corner and walking up to Paul.  Susan watched with her pussy getting wetter and wetter as James began anal masturbation sliding a lubricated finger into her husband’s ass, stretching him open as Paul moaned.  “Nurse please get the petri dish ready to collect the patient’s cum”  Dr. James said as he worked more and more of his hand into Paul’s ass.  Michelle obliged as she set the petri dish down on the table near Paul’s throbbing cock.  “Maybe this help”.  Michelle smiled opening the buttons on her top revealing her small tits to Paul.

Michelle then walked around, reaching under Paul, she massaged his hard cock, as James continued to work his ass and massage his prostate.  Paul began to moan louder and louder and was very close to getting all the cum milked out of him.  Michelle picked up the petri dish just in time to catch every drop of cum that poured out of Paul.  “Well done Paul”.  Dr. James said as he headed over to Susan with the petri dish full of her husband’s cum motioning for Michelle to join them.  Paul watched as Michelle and his wife kneeled down in front of James and opened their mouths as he tipped the petri dish pouring a little cum in each.  They happily swallowed it all down and set up another appointment with Michelle before heading home.

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